Mandy Billington is a British Illustrator with a passion for historic buildings and the countryside. Growing up in a small village in the County town of Staffordshire she was surrounded by quaint buildings that make up a village. The 17th Century Church, stocks and thatched houses inspired a love of English Heritage. The famous "Milly Molly Mandy" stories by Joyce Lankester-Brisley were read to her by her Mother, who still affectionately refers to her as "Milly Molly". The beautiful drawings from these books have influenced her style.

Having studied a degree in Contemporary Craft and studying a Masters in Ceramics in the heart of Staffordshire her passion for ceramics has grown. Important to her practice is the hand made element, Mandy draws using fine liners and then takes the designs through to photoshop to then take to screen print. Then she applies the designs by hand and they are fired again to over 800 degrees to ensure durability. All tableware is proudly made in Staffordshire.

Mandy's studio is based at Gainsborough [art]works in Stafford.



Mandy has done a range of commissions ranging from shop window and interior drawings to crowd funders and wedding gifts.

Please contact for more details.